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Successful Cake Sale

On Sunday 9th July Elaine and friends and parishioners held a Cake and Dessert Sale in Newtownpark Pastoral Centre to raise funds for Chifundo Foundation. Elaine was invited to speak during all the Sunday Masses accompanied by PowerPoint overhead.

The presentation gave a short history of the start of the education project, the reality today and pictures of the homes where these students live and of the Chifundo Campus.

Hearing of the success of so many of the students in their schools, universities and apprenticeships helped many of our regular donors to understand better what their donations had succeeded in doing over the last 16 years. It also moved very many others to donate so generously at the Cake Sale and when at the last Mass we were sold out of cakes they continued to donate into boxes at the back of the church.

Some who had not brought cash took leaflets and transferred funds directly into the bank during the coming days. The amount raised totalled €6,550 for which we are very grateful.

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