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The Chifundo Foundation aims to relieve poverty through the advancement of education of underprivileged children in Malawi. This is achieved by identifying those most in need and through the provision of the educational, nutritional, and material support which allows them to benefit fully from an education.

Currently, The Chifundo Foundation provides access to education and other supports to children in Primary, Secondary, and Third Level. Chifundo also supports children who may have exited the traditional school environment to pursue a trade or apprenticeship, or enter the workplace.

We aim to support each child on their journey to reach their full potential. As such, Chifundo aims to leave no child behind.

To date, over 100 children have benefitted from the support Chifundo provides.

Primary/Secondary School

Each year five primary-school children from the local villages are enrolled in our educational programme. They benefit from the educational resources available on campus as well as the extra-curricular supports which we provide allowing them to complete their second-level education.


Of course, not all of our students have a desire or suitability to pursue a traditional, academic education, we identified a need to provide for these students too. 

Through our links with the local community, we have developed our workshops which aim to provide practical training to our students.

Skills Workshops

Local craftspeople visit our Campus and provide workshops which introduce our students to various trades and crafts. These workshops, which began in 2016, have become regular events in the Chifundo Foundation calendar and now include tailoring, Carpentry, and ICT.

Since then these workshops have become a regular in the Chifundo Foundation calendar and now include Carpentry and ICT.


Following on from our very successful skills workshops we are now providing opportunities for students to pursue apprenticeships.

Our carpentry workshops identified two students each with a particular talent for carpentry. Once again, our local links proved invaluable and we have been able to help these students secure apprenticeships where they continue to develop their natural abilities. 

We look forward to continuing to develop this programme in the coming years.

Scholarships/Third Level

Having successfully completed second-level education our students would – without your support – be prevented from accessing further education.

Thanks to the ongoing generous support of our many donors we are currently providing a number of individual scholarships to our students as they pursue third-level education. If you or someone you know might be interested in sponsoring the third-level education of one of our learners, please get in touch.


Salomey discusses her ambition to become a doctor

Summer School

Each summer, we invite a team of volunteers to travel to our Campus in Zomba to partake in our annual Summer School. The summer school runs for 4 weeks total and typically sees 2 teams travel out, each for 2 weeks with the children.

While there the teams focus on providing learning in a wide range of subjects with a focus on English and Mathematics. Other creative opportunities are also provided including; Art, Music, Dance, and a wide variety of sports.

It is a complete learning experience that the children really enjoy and otherwise would have no access to.


Covid meant our volunteer teachers could not travel to Malawi and it forced us to pivot and reconsider how a summer school could still be provided. Local teachers were invited to the campus to run the summer school with some teaching resources provided by our teaching volunteers of past years.

A selection of photos from our Summer School visits to Zomba

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