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Scholarship Commitment from Luxembourg

For many years Nives and Eric Johnson, friends of John and Elaine who live in Luxembourg have been amazing supporters of the Chifundo Foundation. They support not only personally but have over time introduced their family, friends, and colleagues both in Ireland and Luxembourg to Chifundo and it’s ideal ‘to educate the poorest of the poor in Malawi’. For about the last 10 years they have brought several teams to play in the Chifundo Golf Outing in Greystones Golf Club and also supplied all of the raffle prizes and some of the golf prizes.

Just last year, realizing how difficult it had become to run events during Covid lockdowns, they took on the challenge of running their own Golf Event with their golfing friends in their home club in Luxembourg. This was a huge success and came at the time that scholarships were required for some Chifundo students entering university. Nives and Eric committed with their Chifundo supporters to fund a scholarship. Davie Katungwe has been the beneficiary of this scholarship which culminates this year when he becomes the first Chifundo student to graduate from university with a degree in Business and Accounting.

This is another major step in the growth of Chifundo. This scholarship has been mainly funded through their Golf Events in Luxembourg. The photos show some of the players, helpers, and donors on the day which Nives and Eric tell us was enjoyed by all who participated.

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