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Progress and Vulnerability

Updated: May 22, 2023

September 2012 Chesa Primary saw 3 new entrants: Gift, Dumisan and Benedict.

Dumisan Update:

2023 will long be remebered in Zomba, Malawi as the worst Cyclone to hit Southern Malawi

since records began. It is appropriate for us to reflect on our students progress and the vulnerability that each one of them face every day.

All Chifundo students are selected from the poorest homes/villages in Zomba. This means

they are some of the poorest children in the world, yet, many are proving to be some of the

brightest in our world. Since our start in 2007 over 100 children have successfully received or

are currently in receipt of an education & other supports to help them reach their potential.

Today we have 84 children in full-time education made up of 42 in Primary, 30 in Secondary,

3 in Skills Aprenticeships and 9 in University.

Dumisan Beston started in Chesa Private school, Zomba in September 2012. Dumisan was a regular attendee at the Chifundo carpentry workshops, where he first developed an interest in the trade. As you can see below, last summer, during Michaels & Stephens visit, Dumisan was a pivitol member in the building of 3 sofas at the campus.

Last September he became our third student to progress to an apprenticeship in Carpentry. Our images show how he has progressed. The owner of the Workshop is very impressed with Dumisan and says he is ‘A hard working young man’

Dumisan at his carpentry workshop where he perfects his craft every day

However, Dumisan also reflects the vulnerability of what the children in Zomba are exposed to in the challenging environment they live.

These pictures show Dumisan's home after the recent Cyclone Freddy which brought so much devastation to so many in this poverty stricken country. Dumisan’s carpentry apprenticeship is being put to real life experience sooner than expected, helping rebuild the family home.

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