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Chifundo Cookbook aims to provide some “food for thought”

Updated: May 7, 2022

Elaine has been hard at work over the last number of months to produce her 2nd Cookbook in aid of the Chifundo Foundation.

The Cookbook provides its readers with some delicious & easy-to-make recipes featuring ingredients common to most cupboards!

Elaine advises “If you are the sort of cook who likes simple, reliable, easy to follow recipes, this is the book for you.”

Pricing for 1 Book (hand-delivered/collected) is €15 Pricing for 1 Book (including postage and packaging, within Ireland) is €18.50

To get your copy please send an email to or call Elaine at 087 261 8057.

Alternatively, we encourage you to get in touch if you can offer up some time to assist in the sale of these to raise some funds for Chifundo!

The proceeds from the sales of this book will go towards continuing our efforts in Malawi & contributing to things like school fees, educational & nutritional supplies, & more.

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