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Campus Update

Maize Distribution

Late last month, the Trust distributed maize to the children & their families. These are the last of the bags the Trust had purchased a while back & as such they were only able to provide to the most in need. It has been a particularly challenging year once again for families in Malawi.

The Trust emphasised that "The shortage of food which was there last year will continue this year as our staple food Maize didn’t do well this year. Most people have nothing in their gardens. Contribution factor was the long dry spell and most people did not have fertilizer to apply to their garden". We are very grateful for the consistent generosity of our donours, if you feel at this time you can offer any support please get in touch.


During their recent mid-term break, the students flocked to the Chifundo Campus to take part in the skills workshops. Since their introduction, the skills workshops have been a valuable experience for the kids to get exposed to various career paths. With a number currently pursuing apprenticeships as a result.

The Trust organised workshops in Tailoring & Carpentry. It is amazing to see the beautiful dresses they produced in the tailoring workshops & the beds they produced in the carpentry workshop. The campus truly was transformed into a hive of creativity & skilled craftsmanship.

Upon completion of the workshops, Prosperous & Lucy got in touch, noting; "We are very happy to let you know that we had a very successful apprenticeship classes. Children were committed and happy to learn the skills".

We thank the Trust for putting together such amazing workshops & for their continued commitment to provide a wide variety of learning opportunities for each child in the Chifundo Foundation. It really ensures that no child gets left behind.



We extend our sincere congratulations to Emily who has chosen to pursue a career in Tailoring. The trust will be exploring options for her to do an apprenticeship locally in Zomba.

Emily is one of the early entrants to Chifundo, having benefitted from a primary & secondary education. She has been a regular at the tailoring workshops over the years & always stood out as having very strong skills in the area. We all wish Emily the best of luck!!

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