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Devestation of Cyclone Freddy

As many of you are aware, Malawi was recently hit by Cyclone Freddy, a long-lived & deadly tropical storm which traversed the Indian Ocean for over 5 weeks before causing utter devestation to a number of southern Arfican countries.

Image courtesy of NPR

The following communication was received from Prosperous & Lucy. It gives frightening detail of the impact on their country, cities, towns & villages.

We write to inform you that our Country has been affected by cyclone Freddy. This cyclone started on Saturday 11th March 2023 and run through Wednesday 15th March. It was very strong, fierce and devastating on 13th and 14th of the month where it reached the climax and the country experienced massive deaths and destruction of several items including Houses, Roads, Bridges, Vehicles and many more.( as of 17th March the death toll was at 356 but we expect this figure to go up in few days’ time.)

The southern part of our Country is the one that has been hit hard. Notably districts like: Mulanje, Mwanza, Chikwawa, Mneno, Nsanje, Thyolo, Phalombe, Chiradzulo, Zomba are the ones that have been severely affected and following to this tragedy, our State President has declared a state of National disaster for the southern part of Malawi and is appealing for donations both from local and International community so as to assist the affected families. It’s so sad to note that in some instances, the whole family (father, mother and all the children) has perished.

Image courtesy of Reuters

Zomba has not been spared especially in the out-skirts. Some families are living in camps and in primary schools. The situation in Blantyre and Chiradzulo was also worse where flash floods and land slides have been experienced in Chilobwe, Sochi, Bangwe, Manage, and other Townships in Blantyre commercial city. In Chiradzulo, it has been very terrible as the whole Village in the Traditional Authority Likoswe, just a few kilometers behind the Catholic University, has been destroyed by a land slide that erupted from one of the hills there, and most people (families) are dead and some severely injured, only a handful has survived.

Praise the Lord that our Chifundo beneficiaries are alive. However, we expect them to be affected in one way the other. One family reported that their maize crops garden has been washed away by the floods. We are yet to visits their home soon as some roads are damaged.

It’s quiet unbelievable and its our prayer therefore, that the departed souls should rest in peace and wish a quick recovery for the injured ones currently in hospitals.

Love and Prayers,

Prosperous and Lucy

Our thoughts & prayers are with the country of Malawi at this time as the country comes to terms with the damage & losses caused by Cyclone Freddy just over 1 year on from the devestating impacts of Cyclone Ana.

The villages badly hit around Blantyre by the Cyclone & subsequent land slides are close to where our university students Davie, Evance, & Tadala reside & two of Prosperous' & Lucy's children also live & study.

The effects are sure to be felt throughout the coming year with the loss of recently-planted maize crops (which is the staple food for many Malawian families) sure to have a catastrophic impact on the local food supplies throughout the effected areas.

Chifundo will be offering various supports to the children & their families at this time.

If you can offer some additional support for the famillies of our students effected by Cyclone Freddy, then please get in touch.

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