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Cyclone Freddy's Impact in Zomba

We received some details of the shocking impact Cyclone Freddy has had in Zomba & on some of the homes of the children in the Foundation. Sadly, another tough year is in store for the people of Zomba.

Prosperous writes;

Due to Cyclone Freddy schools were closed for 2 weeks in the southern part of Malawi. The affected families were accommodated in the school premises. This made changes to the school calendar. All schools in the Southern part did not go for second term holiday.

Chifundo children have not been spared. We have three houses which have been affected by the Cyclone. Dumsan house, Amos House and Madalitso House. Attached are the photos of their houses.

You can imagine they are still living in the same house as they have nowhere to stay. Apart from this, so many toilets were damaged. This year we expect a handful harvest and most of the crops were carried away and damaged. They have nothing in their homes.

Unfortunately, it looks like the problems of Cyclone Freddy are going to be felt throughout the remainder of this year. Famine appears to be inevitable in the region in the coming months. We think of all our friends in Zomba as they come to terms with the lasting affects of Cyclone Freddy. The Trust in Zomba will look to offer assistance to those affected.

As always we want to extend our gratitude to all our donours for your continued & generous support. If at this time you can consider any additional support to help our young learners & their families in these trying circumstances please get in touch, or click here to donate.

We thank you all.

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