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Chloe presents to Loreto Secondary School, Kilkenny.

To celebrate International Women's Day in Loreto Secondary School Kilkenny, our volunteer Chloe (or Ms Bhreathnach as she is better known) spoke to 340+ senior cycle students and staff about the Chifundo Foundation and her experience as a volunteer.

She explained the origins of the chairty and how it was formed as a result of the Cogavin family wanting to do more with their 'Christmas present money' back in 2006. She then gave the girls a detailed insight into the development of, and her involvement in our Summer School since her first visit in 2017.

She then updated the students on both the educational progress and community development made during the past 2 years since her last visit in 2019, before briefly touching upon the challenges that still face our Malawian friends and children on a daily basis.

Finally, she finished her presentation by playing the video from our 2018 Summer School, in which our, now university student, Evance, thanked the volunteers and Chifundo Foundation for assiting him and the other children in achieving in their education.

We are well-informed that Chloe's presentation was enjoyed by all in attendance, and we hope that some students were inspired to take up some chairty work in the future.

Thanks to Ms. Megan Callanan (organiser) for giving Chloe the opportunity to speak on our behalf, and also to Loreto Secondary School, who made a very thoughtful donation to our charity.

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