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Chifundo Golf Classic 2023

On September 1st, you are invited to Greystones Golf Club for our 14th annual Charity Golf Day funding our work in Malawi. As always it takes place on the first Friday of September, this year this is the 1st.

Since day 1, your incredible support has brought about real change to the lives of the children in the Chifundo Foundation. While our annual Summer School is just about to kick off in Malawi, we prepare here for the upcoming Golf Classic.

Our community in Zomba continues to grow and benefit from our Education Programme, which you have contributed so much to.

The Chifundo Campus has become a proud ‘oasis’ of learning. Since its conception in

2010 it now houses substantial Study halls, Library, Kitchen, ITC, Carpentry and Tailoring

Workshops. It contains adequate dormitory accommodation for visiting volunteers. Also

on the grounds are; A Community Hall, A Research Farm and substantial Sports Grounds.

Our Challenge: Your support in the past has contributed hugely to our work, dedicated to

educating some of the poorest children in the world. Ireland is now estimated to be the

richest economy in the world while Malawi is now the 8 th poorest. They need our help!

Cyclone Freddy: This year southern Malawi was hit with a devastating cyclone, causing

severe storm-damage and flooding. We are currently rebuilding three homes for student

families. However, our biggest worry is that, early growth of their maize and other crops

have been virtually washed away. This will bring serious famine later in the year, as their

harvest will be devastated and escalating prices for imported produce will lead to some

starvation. For this reason we ask your special support this year and where possible if you

could reach out to friends, work colleagues or neighbours for additional support.

To ensure our continued success and ability to meet those challenges, we

appeal to your generosity as a golfer and as a supporter of our work.

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